The Elgar Society marks the passing of Paul Adrian Rooke

It is with considerable sadness that we have to record the death in mid-November of Paul Rooke, the Society’s publicity officer and a member of Council for some ten years until 2006, and an original member of the Society’s Elgar-in-Performance group. In 2006, he relinquished his Society responsibilities to help set up Elgar Works, in which he served as  Chief Originator until his recent death. The Chief Originator’s role is to provide high quality scores for inclusion in newly published volumes of the Elgar Complete Edition. Paul took the role a step further by turning the scores into sets of high-quality performance material, many of them for rarely performed works.

Throughout his life Paul was a passionate advocate of music by  English composers and through concerts he programmed and conducted with the Hitchin Symphony Orchestra, he gave the concert-going audience the opportunity to hear a raft of other rarely heard works.