A Selected Bibliography

The resurgence in Elgarian scholarship and the ever increasing interest in Elgar, his life and work have resulted in an vast expansion of publishing activity. Below is a brief, selected bibliography highlighting some of the important landmarks of Elgar literature.

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In the absence of an exhaustive bibliography, the links at the foot of this page will access a wider range of published items.

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Robert ANDERSON : Elgar in Manuscript (British Library,1990).

Robert ANDERSON : Elgar in the ‘Master Musicians’ series(Dent, 1993).

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Raymond MONK (ed) : Edward Elgar : Music and Literature (Scolar, 1993; resissued by Ashgate).

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Jerrold Northrop MOORE : Elgar and his Publishers : Letters of a Creative Life(2 vols, OUP, 1987).

Jerrold Northrop MOORE : Edward Elgar : The Windflower Letters (Clarendon, 1989).

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Simon MUNDY : Elgar : His Life and Times (Omnibus, 2nd. Edition 2001).

Mrs Richard POWELL : Edward Elgar : Memories of a Variation (4th edn, Scolar, 1994, reissued by Ashgate).


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The Elgar Society is grateful to the following for permission to use the cover art of the above publications. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Dave & Charles, Ashgate Publishing, Orion Publishing Group & Omibus Press.