Online Events

The Elgar Society has a programme of online events. It is hoped that members will be able to take advantage of this service in order to enjoy a wide ranging selection of talks and presentations, some of which are branch meetings, others being presentations produced by the Society’s national committee.

All members are invited to attend any online event. Non-members may also take advantage of this facility by arrangement.


Elgar’s The Apostles and beyond

Saturday 31 October 2020, 1.30 p.m.

Yorkshire & North-East Branch presents a talk by Peter Newble, followed by a Zoom discussion at 4.00.

Elgar’s portrayal of Judas Iscariot in his oratorio, The Apostles, is perhaps his most heartfelt characterisation. In this illustrated talk, Peter Newble explores how Judas’s portrayal in musical works has evolved over a period of nearly 500 years, and examines his role in The Apostles in more detail.

For access details, please e-mail David Young.

A second slice

Saturday 7 November 2020, 2.00 p.m.

East Midlands Branch presents a Zoom talk by Christopher Wiltshire.

‘What was he really like?’ A question often asked of those who knew Elgar well. Many gave opinions, some of which were recorded for posterity. By popular request Christopher Wiltshire returns to answer the question with a second slice of recordings from his extensive archive.

For access details, please e-mail Sam Dobson.


Saturday 28 November 2020, 2.00 p.m.

Yorkshire & North-East Branch presents a Zoom talk by Bernard Porter.

Why on earth did Elgar choose the life of a bloodthirsty Viking like King Olaf as the subject of his first extended choral work? Bernard Porter examines this conundrum, going back to the original version of the Olaf saga, and with musical illustrations from both Elgar and Grieg.

For access details, please e-mail Caroline Gilderdale.

Sir John Barbirolli and the Hallé

15 to 21 November 2020 (video available all week)
Saturday 21 November 2020, 2.00 p.m.
: Live discussion

The Elgar Society presents a talk by Geoff Scargill, with David Jones and John Knowles, followed by a Zoom discussion at the end of the week.

From his arrival in the Blitz-ravaged city of Manchester in the midst of the Second World War to his death, fifty years ago, Sir John Barbirolli revived and nurtured the Hallé. In twenty years he transformed it into a world-class orchestra, and he tirelessly promoted the work of English composers, notably Elgar. Geoff Scargill tells the story of this ‘Miracle in Manchester’ with the help of David Jones’s unique collection of images and recordings.

All members will be sent access details to watch the video and take part in the Zoom meeting. Non-members should email Stuart Freed.


13 to 19 December 2020 (video available all week)
Saturday 19 December 2020, 2.00 p.m.
: Zoom session with answers

The Society’s December online presentation is an especially compiled online quiz presented by Vice Chairman, Stuart Freed. This light-hearted presentation will feature a wide variety of general musical teasers and will feature one or two surprises. A Zoom session will follow, at which time all will be revealed.

All members will be sent access details to watch the video and take part in the Zoom session. Non-members should email Stuart Freed.

The Elgar Society and recordings of Edward Elgar’s music

Saturday 5 December 2020, 2.00 p.m.

East Midlands Branch presents a Zoom talk by Steven Halls.

Steven Halls, former chairman of the Elgar Society for over a decade, is conducting a fifty-minute conversation about the recordings he instigated and other important issues which arose during his period of office. He invites questions from you, the audience, to, preferably in advance.

For access details, please e-mail Sam Dobson.

All are welcome — no charge.

As they become available, details of further events will appear on this page.