Elgar’s Interpreters on Record

An Elgar discography compiled by John Knowles

First published in book form in 1977 and 1985, this attempt to list all the commercial recordings of Elgar’s music has been thoroughly updated and expanded for this new on-line edition. We welcome comments, corrections and additions which can be sent to the compiler at discography@elgarsociety.org.

Any keyword (e.g. name of work, conductor, soloist etc) can be used to search the date.
For each composition, recordings conducted by the composer appear first, followed by others in order of date of recording.


Format: unless otherwise stated :
78: nominal speed 78rpm – 12”
LP: 33⅓rpm – 12”
Tape: Audio cassette
CD: Audio Compact Disc

Dates – (6/57) Month of review in “The Gramophone” (*6/57) (*1957) Month or year in which record was issued