Anthony Payne passes away aged 82

Elgarians the world over will mourn the passing of composer, critic and author Anthony Payne.  As a composer of a wide range of music that includes solo works, choral, orchestral and wind band music together with works for solo voice and for chorus, Anthony Payne gained a worldwide reputation.  However, his most high profile project was the realisation of Elgar’s Third Symphony, a work that has been performed on numerous occasions since its first performance in 1998 and which has been recorded many times.  By sanctioning his realisation of the symphony, the Elgar family were able to ensure that Payne’s version became the first (and so far only) “completion” of the sketches left by Elgar and ensured that the work was entrusted to a committed Elgarian.  Anthony Payne was awarded the Elgar Society medal in 2011.